Reviews for "Everwynn Forest"

this here is a keeper, although i am not to sure about it being on newgrounds being meant for young children...but good none the less

I liked the characters and the art work. The voice is very clear and warm. Great tone and message. It was a very enjoyable read! Thanks for posting!

you got talent that draws are great

Elwynn Forest*


Fixed for you.

The artwork was wonderful and my three year old didn't make a peep while I read your story to him :)

On the unfortunate side, a lot of your writing is comprised of incomplete sentences, improper punctuation, missing punctuation and sentences that start with words they should not (and, but, etc.).

I know this may sound like splitting hairs, but when writing a children's book, it is of the utmost importance to write correctly, as you never know when a child will awaken and discover that they know how to read. You'd hate to be criticized down the line for "helping" a child learn to read and write improperly ;)

Mike, author of children's books.

Hyptosis responds:

Yeah, it never made it to a proof reading stage by someone who knows the english language better than I. Thanks for the kind words.