Reviews for "Everwynn Forest"

I'm sensing some homosexual sub-text here.

The drawing was great.Happy storyline too. Plus a nice change of pace from the gore that usually gets posted

Like how you made your children's storybook into a flash movie. it is nice to delve back and enjoy some silly looking characters and a simple story that doesn't warp your brain to understand the plot. Also, like stalker said, good to have a change of pace from the usual gore posted here.

Wow, this is really neat. I wish I saw more of this on Newgrounds.

The art is excellent, being colorful and crisp as any children's book should be.The grammar was really good and simple, except that it really needs commas--lots of commas. Some periods should have been commas, and some commas need to be added. But you said it was old work, so it's not the biggest deal. PM me if you want me to list the places I'm talking about.

Overall, I'm thinking that this might be a book worth publishing. Maybe it's worth another look?

Hyptosis responds:

Thank you so much!

Kid's would love more storys like this in a whole book. perfect for bed time storys.