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Reviews for "Everwynn Forest"

Like how you made your children's storybook into a flash movie. it is nice to delve back and enjoy some silly looking characters and a simple story that doesn't warp your brain to understand the plot. Also, like stalker said, good to have a change of pace from the usual gore posted here.

The drawing was great.Happy storyline too. Plus a nice change of pace from the gore that usually gets posted

the characters are very cute but i feel the writing needs more work. the idea seems good but something about the writing thats a little awkward from a few pages

The art was great, the story was sweet, and I feel like I saw a another side of you reading this. You have such a complex personality, and I like it!

The art is very well done, but the story and writing is lacking. There is little to no conflict to keep most readers, even children, interested, and thus, the moral of the story--which I believe was supposed to be perseverance--falls flat. For perseverance to be seen the characters must meet some extreme obstacles more than a rainstorm.
Further, keep in mind that the best children's books take universal problems, that even adults face, and present them in a more easily understandable way.