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Reviews for "Everwynn Forest"

It's nice, the art and the story is like full of feeling and ist's prefect for a little baby, you don't see this kind of stuff in Newgrounds but looking at it from a different perspective it really deserves to be published.

Hyptosis responds:

Thanks for the kind words!

The artwork was wonderful and my three year old didn't make a peep while I read your story to him :)

On the unfortunate side, a lot of your writing is comprised of incomplete sentences, improper punctuation, missing punctuation and sentences that start with words they should not (and, but, etc.).

I know this may sound like splitting hairs, but when writing a children's book, it is of the utmost importance to write correctly, as you never know when a child will awaken and discover that they know how to read. You'd hate to be criticized down the line for "helping" a child learn to read and write improperly ;)

Mike, author of children's books.

Hyptosis responds:

Yeah, it never made it to a proof reading stage by someone who knows the english language better than I. Thanks for the kind words.

The art was amazing and the world you created for the characters fairly enchanting for the few words in the story. However, even on a children's level, there is not enough conflict nor problem solving. If you look at famous children's shows (Winnie the Poo, Little Bear, Aurthur, etc) they all have a bit more conflict in them. Could've easily added more considering they were hiking up mountains and such.

Aside from that, it's pretty good. =)

Very cute. Made me smile. Your a good artist and can set a good pace for children books that I think they could easily follow even at a young age. The pictures depict what is being written pretty damn well. I'd give this 6 stars if I could.

Hehehe it was really cute. I really liked the drawings and the character design. If you upload more, I'd be happy to read!