Reviews for "StarNova"

Pretty well animated, but aside from that, I didn't really find it all that entertaining. I suppose I didn't GET it...if there was something to even "get." Was it supposed to parody anime...? If so, it could have used some more exaggeration. None of the humor was strong enough to actually be funny.

As for the lack of female voice actors--why? Did you find it funnier using male voices or did you just plain lack two females?

I'm not gonna rate this poorly, because it wasn't done poorly. But it certainly doesn't deserve a n above-average mark.

Twisted4000 responds:

Basically, no, it's not a parody of anything, however it's sort of a parody style, as if it WERE parodying an anime of some sort.

I just didn't feel like using female actors, I know plenty of them, but... I don't know, I didn't want to use any, lol.

Not the most amazing thing. But it was very funny. For some reason it allways makes me laugh histerically when a female character has a male voice... Anyways~ that aside.. It was all around good. Animation was smooth and fun to watch. Good job on this!

Rather good animation. Sorry about the bad reviews from people who think you're ripping from Egoraptor, and the sexual repressed nerds who couldn't get off to your animation due to the female characters having male voices.

it looks like a bunch of typical ideas thrown together... seen that kind of line art and voice acting style a thousand times before and the plot, though i guess you could say wasn't a ripoff, didn't feel like anything new either. standard NG submission :/ i'd like to rate you higher for the effort you atleast put in, and though i didn't like the choice of voicing, it was done well... but i'll wait until something truly original shows up.

Twisted4000 responds:

I'm not sure what you mean by "voice acting style", are you talking about the male voices for the female characters, or just the overall voicing? And the "line-art style" you are talking about is basically the just the brush tool... the way I like it.


Twisted4000 responds:

i understand