Reviews for "StarNova"

Loved how you took a chance on making the female characters have more sex appeal,
unlike most big time animators who work on T.V. cartoons you didnt care what people thought you just wanted to make an awesome flash.
Good Job!

You know, if it were me I'd keep the male voice actors. In fact, I actually thought that was intentional. What I'm trying to say is, it's not the voice that counts, it's the acting.

Also, try and build a unique animation style. You know, like, gradually move away from Egoraptor's style over time until you have your own, idk.

Twisted4000 responds:

Yes male actors were intentional... personally I think someone would have to be an idiot to think that I just didn't have female actors and used male ones instead, lol.

As for the Egoraptor thing... again, I disagree with how this looks like Egoraptor, to me I thought it looked more like Zeurel's stuff. Regardless, though, it was not intentional.

I think the vote of the characters actually quite a good choice women vote, would have fit the models, but not to the situation, especially not at the end. At the beginning I was deeply amused, and I was quite sad towards the end.

5 stars idc if you dont got actresses

Twisted4000 responds:

The actresses were asking for like 5 loafs of bread for payment, SirUndead only wanted 1.

it was alright despite the lack of chicks voicing chicks and i saw a couple of dbz references ie final flash but it was still kinda lame and i feel i'm being generous by giving it 3 stars maybe next time u make a flash movie u should possibly ask rina chan for help

Twisted4000 responds:

good idea, ill ask rina chan to help me make another video and it will be 10 times better