Reviews for "Jazzy Breakbeat"

I'll be your friend.

This is catchy..like your others...

I'm going to use one of your songs in a madness parody but I don't know which one I should use..


I'll be your freind! T_T

really cool music!
I've listened to a few of your songs, most of them are far to catchy to be legal, so I've just been letting them loop, I'm sure it's going to catch my brain on fire or something to tha effect. (in a good way)I really like how you build on this one. ^_^

cheshyre responds:

Thanks for being my freind


At first I was like... "Mmm.. Not too keen on this."
Then I was like "Hmm...? Getting better."
Then all of a sudden "Woah! Cool!"

I love this song :D


Damn Good ;)


This sounds like an intro song, leading into semi-violent action, which then becomes steadily more violent, and then comes to a large fight, in which it ends with a cliffhanger.