Reviews for "Jazzy Breakbeat"



I agree with DayDay

This actually is one of your best songs. What I really like is how much stuff is going on in it, drums, FX, and just the fast-pace overall.

Also, off-topic a bit, when you do the MC8 music, if you still are doing it, do something different this time, not a TrainMix Remix.


Love the song should be in the next mc. Still I have a thing to inquire, was this song already here b4 the redesign? Cause I thought It had already come out a while ago in the flash it was featured in but It never showed up in your audio subs. Maybe it's just me.

Holy Shit

Holy Shit this and all ur other songs kick ass

Keep up the good work man

U do have Friends

i will also be your friend!

and i was always your friend. this music rocks! it would go verygood with madness combat 8!