Reviews for "Hardcore Fantasy"

so awesome!

All of this track is really amazing... but i most like the beggining! How the fuck you did so awesome beggining? It's so awesome to be true! I know it's just part of track but I think it's insanely fantastic! Maybe it's just me, but i can't take it out of my head!

cheshyre responds:

Thank you! Sometimes things just happen.

i love it.

Epic! <3

cheshyre responds:

I love you!

Megusta Oie Me gusta!!

hahaha xd its great i like this song!!!

cheshyre responds:

Thank you for the spanish!


i love all your songs, you rock!

cheshyre responds:

Thank you!


because various shorts do not mention this song, i been searching for about a year just to locate this
now that i did, it is seriously worth listening
respect or hank will find you... and gruesomely murder you

cheshyre responds:

I'm glad you found it and thank you!