Reviews for "Hardcore Fantasy"


This is no Hardcore, to slow and the beat is too weak. Listen to a song of Masters of Hardcore, that's real hardcore. But it's a pretty good song.

fucking great!

That is one of the best audios ive ever heard!


Nice job on this. I love how it resonated in the beginning,make more pweaze :>


this is not realy hardcore. if you realy want to know what real hardcore is just try to find something of angerfist i am a big fan of him. if you find something of him i hope you like his music

cheshyre responds:

Ya, I just couldn't think of anything else to call it... :)
I'll check out angerfist if you check out delta 9.

i really want this music

i really love this beat damn you god can i get your hotmail to :P madness owns keep up with the good work guys