Reviews for "Hardcore Fantasy"

This is Amazing, truly a great piece.

I listened to this 4 times through before noticing that it had replayed more than once, at least I think it was 4...maybe 5. Anyways this is wonderful music for me to listen to when I'm working on editing photos and such. Keep up the great music, the beginning and end loop the song really well. And as for Madness goes, you are definetaly leading the way with the music, to me Visual is only half the experience, without the music/sound, it's a pointless submission. You definetly bring happiness to me!


Really cool

This song is so cool... how you use soft notes like triangles or something at the beginning. This song gives me a sense of tranquility, placidity and calm. Your stuff is wicked!


Cheshrye, your the god of madness music.

cheshyre responds:

thank you!! You are the god of reviews!!


this song is awesome. i can download right?

cheshyre responds:

please do!


Good stuff, more bass would have been great though.

Lol notice if you have the "spectrum" visual at the very start they resemble someone sticking their middle finger up :P