Reviews for "LUCKY DAY FOREVER "

Absolutely amazing. Awesome work. It was like a Matrix // Zeitgeist moment. Alot of animations out there are not worthy of a frontpage imo, but this one should be on the frontpage for months imo.

I love how the White Society was supposed to be a culmination of everybody's aspirations, but it turned out to be so obscene and uncomfortable to look at from the inside. Well done.

Please submit this to some sort of film festival; it would be eaten up. The overall message can be related to anybody and forces them to think about their lives, and the images used to convey that message are potent. The music was well suited and the animation and dialog well done. Thank you for submitting something with meaning on this site.

Beautiful. Well made and polished. A story well told and felt. Enjoyed every bit of detail and emotion from the darkness hidden within a city of light. Thank you for sharing this work.

WOW, that was fantastic. i was totally captivated the entire time.