Reviews for "LUCKY DAY FOREVER "

I remember watching the earlier from a awhile back and I'm glad to have seen it completely now...
What compelled me the most was the story which was thought put pretty damn good and got me hooked till the end..
Anyways this was really something to watch..

the best way to explain actual cultur...
awesome work!

its nothing dhat i seen antiel know i love it i edmire tour work bravo your tipe of pepole nedet and welcomed bravo!!!!!!

Ill be damned if thats our real future. sadly, the way things are today, it just might be. very, very moving. good job. verry good job. it makes me think of the ghetto thugs of our society and how small a part we alll play. that man, whatever his name is, was directly influencing the other girl. just like how the one was influencing the man. a very riveting and emotional movie, and a good soundtrack as well, it fits the futuristic vibe. great job sir. i wish i could shake your hand, its good you are making us all think like we are.

I really enjoyed this. :D