Reviews for "LUCKY DAY FOREVER "

I had chills the entire movie. You delivered much more than what the preview presaged âEU"Â and that was nothing short of perfection. The fact that Ed Harrison's music was so tightly woven into the dynamics of the film makes it something of a rare gem. A truly remarkable piece of work. Thank you!

p.s. if the music is ever released separate from the film, you must inform all of us here on NG.

Finally an amazing video that shines out of all the crap that's posted daily.
Amazing work, story and message.

nothing short of amazing

My best guess is that he blacked out when he ran into the wall like an idiot, then got carried back to the aquarium and continued living in an illusion. Correct me if I'm wrong. And are they actually selling him? Like meat?

I just woke up. I scrambled to log in just to write and rate once my head landed back on my shoulders. My word... I have never seen such animation or scripting... ever. I would vote this into the National Film Preservation list if I could. I -- I would give you my liver if it were any good. If you do not continue doing more of these for the WORLD and eventually taking over Disney or something then we are all lost amongst the talent-less fields. Simpy put, you are above us all. Thank you