Reviews for "LUCKY DAY FOREVER "

It's ok.

Welp, another one of these "get you down" movies that tell you nothing that you didn't already know.

From what I can tell, this flash is the bastard offspring of The Matrix and the Communist Manifesto. According to LUCKY DAY FOREVER, we live in a world where we are constantly distracted by the mass media telling us that we can become rich if we buy the lottery tickets.

I don't know what channel Prole 514 is watching. The TV channels I watch tells me everyday that the vast majority of Americans are obese (I am not), that we are getting dumber every generation (this might be true), and that we are losing our economic edge (this is true). The media also tells us that if we work harder and smarter, we can become rich, too. The "rags to riches" stories you constantly see on TV inevitably involve one guy WORKING RIDICULOUSLY HARD to become a billionnaire. How did Bill Gates become a billionnaire? During Microsoft's early years, all employees had broad responsibility for the company's business. Gates oversaw the business details, but continued to write code as well. In the first five years, Gates personally reviewed every line of code the company shipped, and often rewrote parts of it as he saw fit.

Economics 101: The more you produce, the more you get paid. Welcome to capitalism! Wondering why China and India are the rising economic powers? Simple: Because they produce more. Ah, the wonders of economics.

I might also mention that the TV channel depicted in the flash is boring as hell. The main character must be retarded if he likes watching the exact same adverts over and over again, every day. Actually it might be classified as some kind of porno or fantasy addiction.


In the grim dystopia of the future, poor people are put into giant vats and their flesh is sucked off to make rich people more attractive. The lottery channel is the only TV channel available. All poor people work as cleaners and enjoy staring at the same flashing advert day after day.

Communist polemic at its finest.

very disturbing and really horrible