Reviews for "LUCKY DAY FOREVER "


so konfuzing and mad and it make me sad D: but i can see it what the msg. is ...i can see it....

Fantastic. Lots of detail to the animation. Excellent story. Take a bow.

Amazing work... I've been a fan since aura and I'm glad to still see the same style but with a major upgrade. Like the really cool city utopia feel, matrix detach, those smilies and the cycle. Great job with the metaphors once again too.
also polski ftw

I'm very pleased to see your over 2 year old trailer finally blossom into this wonderful animated feature. I had no idea how well your still art would translate into such an intricately polished piece.
This is easily one of the finest animations I've ever seen in the 11 years I've spent on this website, especially by an individual. I sincerely hope that this animation becomes your brass ring and a true winner... your determination was no gamble and the results did not come from a lottery.
Belated congratulations on your work and your excellently adapted English version. Is there a Polish version on YouTube? I'd make the effort for my 80 year old father to see this!