Reviews for "LUCKY DAY FOREVER "

Wow! I remember seeing this about a year ago and thinking "man, THIS is never going to see the light of day". It just seemed to ambitious to pull off properly, and I would have thought that the animation quality and length would be too hard to keep up with, but you managed to pull this off excellently!

The ending is everything that I assume you intended it to be: disturbing, depressing, and offbeat, though ultimately expected. All in all, great work, enjoyed the watch.

Pretty good but maybe put up a NSFW sign up there?

after a rewatch I've actually changed my mind, animation is really good but god damn it's depressing and quite slow.

The animation makes it watchable,the story is just a bit too miserable for me.

'each to their own' is an over used phrase so all i'll say is give it a watch -_-

This was simply amazing.
Probably the best movie I've seen on Newgrounds.
Everything from the animation, to the art style, to the music, to the true meaning of it was just damn fantastic. Thanks for creating this masterpiece. It was a pleasure to watch.

Stunning scenario, moving music and magnificent animation. Somehow reminded me Tekkonkinkreet in style ... even music by Plaid is similar to this one. Truth about today's life.

Polish: Czy miasto jest jakkolwiek powiÄ...zane z WarszawÄ...?