Reviews for "Sands of the Coliseum"

I just want to report a bug, I can't get Tarsus' achievement win a combat without loosing a gladiator. With this exception till now the game is perfect

The game is epic! I'm addicted to it!
Though there's an annoying thing with the misses...
Three attacks in the same gladiator (enemy) by three different gladiators (allies). They all miss.
Three attacks in the same gladiator (enemy) in a sequence of three different turns by one gladiator (ally). He misses all attacks with a percentage above 80%.

Great Game, one of the best Gladiators game around. Aside from the Sword and Sandals Series, of course.

And it is a little laggy even on the low quality, but thats probaly my pc.

great game but like it's mentioned before it gets rather annoying missing 6 plus attacks in a row

I love this game but theres something miss... Animals i want to fight a lion and/or lets go into mythology guys fight a hydra or a chimera i don't know if you want to stick with realistic but animals should be a must, This is a badass game and No YOU ROCK!!!!