Reviews for "Sands of the Coliseum"

WHy is it that my enemy hits more frequently with a 10 dex points while my avatar can't hit even with a weak attack with a 20 point dex points?

good good....

Speed is completely fucked up in this game considering how I had a gladiator with 30 speed who had fewer turn rotations than one with 20. It was even more evident when all 3 of my gladiators (all with speed >=30) took 2 turns before the opponent did (who had a speed of 36).

The % to hit also appears to be highly inaccurate.

loved it! rpg plus gladiator combat equals awesome game!

Very fun game, spent hundreds of hours just playing it while Youtube videos loaded, but a few glitches, does not connect to Facebook, daily rewards are broken, DO NOT UNEQUIP ALL, Lost 2 weapons and a shield!