Reviews for "War of the Shyguys"

Very nice movie i really enjoyed it deserves to be top 1 of all movies on newgrounds u made a fantastic work with this movie i hope i will see more of this general shy guy was my favorite character since it remebers me of myself going commando sometimes keep going with the same voice actors etc in your future movies funny and awesome at the same time good story to good sprites this flash movie is just GREAT in fact LEGENDARY movie style you and teejay never dispoint me when it comes to movies

EASTBEAST responds:

Many thanks for the kind words! I hope you'll keep on the look out for more of Teejay and I's future projects!

how do i start it

EASTBEAST responds:

press play

Cute sprites

Sometimes you see alot of flashes and once in awhile you get someting differant and unique like the one you are presenting here, this one is pretty interesting and has some good visuals that really get you into it so for me this is a great flash here.But before i do continue on with the review, its been fun watching this you have some good and clever ideas in here.
Ok so i found this little flash of yours to be pretty cute, the sprites and sprite like action was notbad either rather cute as i have said, This one was kind of long but there was alot going on and that gave it some good "DEPTH" i really like how tis played out the graphics and visuals were pretty detailed though and thats what really pushed ne forward in seeing this so nice job indeed, all around and i hope to see more from you soon. After seeing and messing with this one i thought it was great, its a decent flash there is room for improvment, and you should think about adding some new stuff as mentioned below and even in the above review lines, it will be great for all, anywayskeep up the work i like the effort you put in sofar, and look forward to seeing more.

This is were I suggest a few ideas that could help to improve on this, hope it does help, and remember it can only make things better. So dont take some of these ideas too light but consider them and just roll with it as these are some ideas that can help to make a better production on your movie. anyways here you go. This seemed kind of long and tended to drag on abit but it was good maybe cutting it down in a couple of parts might be ok.

Red Airplane remians me of a OVA called Porco Rosso. Nice Animation, I likedhow the story started, with the big enemy ship and stuff. But didnt liked how it ended. I feel the end had to much Happiness..

EASTBEAST responds:

I was inspired a bit by Porco Rosso, which in contrast had a slightly sadder ending. You can check out my Facebook page for more details. I guess I went all out with the end in case I don't make a sequel. I'd prefer that than a eternal cliffhanger.

WOAH, I'm so glad you told me about this! This is one of the most awesome flashes I've seen in a long time! I think the main thing that makes it so good is how fantastic the graphics and designs are. It's like one minute everything is done in sprites while the next it's done with hand drawn stuff. You rarely see a submission use both of those things prominently. I freaking loved the action and characters in this.

I guess not a single bit of a Shyguy's body is known. I appreciate the wide variety of voices. It's also great that you dedicated this to Randy Solem because he's such an awesome guy who deserves this tribute. It does seem like something he would work on. You are right, nostalgia will never die for neither him nor sprite games. It's a great cartoon!

EASTBEAST responds:

Thanks I really appreciate your review, especially since you've been around NG enough to know about it's history. Randy Solem passed away about 3/4ths of the way through the production of this flash, near completion I realized I probably would never have found out about spriting, much less Newgrounds without his work. His epic, no boundary ideas were big inspiration on this piece, and a lot of my work in general. I hope to move on and make the next flash with entirely drawn animation, although the feeling of a big epic piece will still be there. Thanks for the review, it means a lot that you liked it. maybe you'll find out my interpretation of the shyguy's face in the next one? -Esty