Reviews for "Kratos vs Spawn"

Spawn Fan

Despite being a huge Spawn fan, I'm pretty sure Kratos is around his level of badass. However, when you bitchslap the devil after making a deal with him and use his powers against him just to piss him off, Spawn wins my vote still.


looks like a draw to me spawn will kick kratos ass then kratos will kick his ass then spawnll use his chains n kratos ll do the same n theyll both get tied together and have to verbally abuse eachother to death!

theres no match

Kratos is a GOD and spawn is the devils bitch haha still it would be an awesome fight


Lately I've been getting into the God of War games and i'll admit he's a badass, but i've been a spawn fan since i was a little kid and in all honesty i think Spawn would win.


just wow
you're awesome
i wonder who'd win the fight
the God of War
or the devils bounty hunter