Reviews for "Kratos vs Spawn"


spawn would win the fight and kratos his face looksweard to me like nere his jaw line area

Crazy Good!

I'm cheering for Spawn but this would actually be a pretty epic battle. I think it would be a challenge for both of them. I mean they both have taken on gods and devils on a daily basis soooo... but my money is still on spawn.

kick ass

i dont know what it is but it looks like kratos is missing something,or maybe its in my mind. nice job on spawn! love it.


bloody amazing but in all honesty spawn would rape kratos to death. you cant be any more badass than spawn. spawn is just more brutal. anyways you got to do a big daddy or little sister versus the pyramid head or nemesis(resident evil). that would be truly badass.

coolest ever

this is an amazing picture i would like to see this duel i wonder who would win this duel would truly be epic