Reviews for "Scraps"

A little short, but fun none the less. Also, great ending!

there is a bug in the beginning . when you go around to the other side of the trash heap (the one with the open vault) and you jump on it you get stuk on the truck thingy

Epic Ending.

i got to a point where i couldnt continue any farther. its right after the part where you hafta jump down and you go through a tube into an underground cave. other than that the game is ok.

Hyptosis responds:

There is a ledge you have to double jump to.

This was a decent game, all the garbage you walk though made it challenging. However, there are a few minor annoyances that I think would be best avoided in the future:

When you die, you always returned to the beginning rather than staying on the same map, this rendered it a little annoying when I was a few maps in.
Some of your dialogue areas were placed in a way that you would enter and exit them here and there as you progressed, flashing the words onto the screen, rather than leaving them on
And lastly, on the first map, you put a robot on the exit's ledge that I mannaged to push onto my head, imprisionning me between cinderblocks and the robot. It would have been nice to have a reset button instead of having to relaod the page.

However, these did not, in any way, stop me from enjoying your game. I just wanted to point those out as you said this was to learn about stencyl and I thought it might help with the next time.

5 stars!