Reviews for "Scraps"

That was pretty interesting, I love how the sudden realisation doesn't last long XD

it was interesting until i fell off a level and it shoved me back to the very first screen. if you want people to play. put in checkpoints.

I Don't understand i got to a part where i didn't know wtf to do so i got bored and left it as that, it fails because it could not keep my attention

lol if the creators were broken then surly the robot they made must have been a little broken :P specially if it involved suicide great game though

I really find "What did I do wrong?" a terrible fuck up to the brilliant idea of adding the "Why am I here?" style text here and there. It's just too cliche.

Further on, there's really nothing exciting that drives you to play the game further, no intro, no story, no whatever does the trick normally.