Reviews for "Scraps"

It had a very deep meaning to it great game

The finest proof I've seen yet that videogames can be more than a stress outlet, more than entertainment, more than games. They can be pure art. They can be something that makes you think, something that makes you want to take action. People like this Riffy dude can just stick with their silly MW3, but I want more games like this. More thought-provoking, more shocking endings, more...Well...Sense, I guess.

In short, it was moving, to say the least.

This was just very very dull.

The game play was boring and it sounded like you made the story while you were making the game.

Meh. Not bad, but not great either.

Art and Design: The background was certainly interesting at first, but it got boring quickly. So was the level design, and the objects within it. The noise of the wind was really... disturbing, but it also got boring quickly. Ambient music would have been a nice touch to the game. Character design wasn't great. It certainly didn't impress me. Art design was fabulous, but continuous and flat.

Gameplay: I would also say: not bad. Mechanics were pretty rough. Also, sounds (e.g. jumping, crouching, etc.) would have been nice. The sudden drops that you cannot see were infuriating. In these sort of games, you want to EXPLORE. Learn what had happened to the society, then press on. As Heavycannontank said, checkpoints would have been nice. TarileFreak pointed out that there was no incentive to push us on to play. More story, more intro, etc. Although the text was interesting, it was flat, and wasn't dynamic at all.

The point of these sort of games is to immerse yourself in the story, and understand it. Some art games, do that very well, and make you want to cry. It would be nice if you could add that as well.

Overall: You did a nice job for a first game in Stencyl, but it needs polishing. 3 stars.