Reviews for "Scraps"

At the end I was like 'lets go down this wall... oops wrong wall, lava here. Let's get back up and to the other side... hey a wall... down?... more lava... up? down?... up?... and then it came to me. After all, what was there to expect? ... I think it's a deep felling you've managed to express in this... it's not a game, it's an experience.

i dont understand this game. wonce you fall down the hole you cant go anywhere

Lacked a tutorial, and the unoriginal amnesia cliche has gotten way too old.

As soon as I got the final message I felt the urge to comment this experiment. This Flash is one that leaves mixed reactions among the people who stumbled across it. Let me explain why.

I think they fail to see this as a tech demo or simply an experiment, to begin with. It was meant to show what you can potentially do with this new software of yours, script-wise and graphically. It has no real story, safe for those few lines of dialogue that served as a pretext for adding slightly more depth to the ensemble. It brings no actual revolutionary gameplay of some sort, and it's a classic 2D platformer with an exploration edge. There's no music and there's only a background wind loop for enhancing the feeling of desolation and loneliness. All these elements just served the purpose of testing the above mentioned software.

We can only wait for you to submit a Flash that lives up to the intriguing atmospheres of your previous games, and in conclusion, this only shows a promising future. :)

It had a very deep meaning to it great game