Reviews for "Scraps"

A pretty nifty little game....though I found it very upsetting that I accidentally fell in a hole and had to start way from the beginning, which wouldn't be so bad if there was actually something interesting to do on the journey back. It would have been nice to have small checkpoints here and there.

That was pretty fun. The message was very intriguing. I enjoyed jumping around, even if the game was pretty empty in terms of mechanics. It must've been very art-intensive to add all that literal garbage though. There's so much of it everywhere.

Hyptosis responds:

haha thanks :P

that really was deep

Ha, ha. I love how you play as a crazy robot who ends up committing suicide because he thinks his creators (humanity) were "broken," so the only way to win the game is by jumping into the lava pit. Otherwise, way too short.

That was deep man.