Reviews for "Alien Hominid"

it was good

I liked this game it is a violent game(wich is good)but with a twist.

Overall it is good the boss's are easy which is good for all you amatures.
HINT:the fire bullets can kill anybody when you duck :)

i got it for PS2

When I got it home I said i would play it for 30 min and I ended up playing it for two hours. It is so much better than the online game. It is always good to go back to the old side scroling games.

Oh and Bullz_Eyez try looking in the smaller games stors. I got it from Game Stop. I wanted the game on game cube but it was not there. Oh well its still a cool game.

A real killer :D

Awsome corigraphy awsome sound effects awsome awsome awsome etc.. :D


this is the greatest flash i have ever seen and i have been stupified


It was great back in 2002 and it still stands up today.