Reviews for "Alien Hominid"

is the games bugged?

it may well be just my computer, but when I start the game all I can see is the alien getting killed by seemingly nothing repeatedly untill the lifes run out! The controls do nothing! Having played this before I know this shouldn't happen, is this happening to anyone else?

i keep dying to often

its to hard to play, you need hp instead of dying in 1 shot...


Thi is one of the best games ( as for me)


good idea, bad in practice. That sucked. It was hard, graphics blew, controls were dumb. Fucked.

this game is fucking inpossibe you die in 1 hit and once you die 10 times you have to start all over again!! atleast add checkpoints or something!!!!! you cant even get past the first level!!! the only reason people like this game is beacouse you are the creator of newgrounds and all that