Reviews for "Alien Hominid"

good also played on x360

i saw a user by the name of thicc dudes comment negatively on the game and i would just like to say that i disagree with your points understand that you start of frail but that is what the upgrades are for too many fbi members jump around more use the rooftops the cant get you there and it takes a while for them to get to you gun is effective kills fbi members in 3 hits and you can shoot it very quickly. i think it is ok to not like something but this game was made for an audience who likes to overcome a challenge and persevere obviously you thiccdudes dont like to work for a goal although just because you dont like working hard doesnt mean the game is not of high quality you look at this game with a very biased view due to the fact that you arent good at it but this game has much to offer if you just learn it and not cry about it and i think the other 16,000 people that have Favorited this game will agree.

HOW did this game get on consoles and not, oh I don't know, A ACTUAL FUN GAME?! A.K.A ANY OTHER GAME?! You get killed in ONE. FUCKING. HIT. And you get fucking gangbanged by HUNDREDS of F.B.I members the MINUTE you respawn! And the gun is basically worthless! Only good thing about this is the art style... don't waste your time with this game...

Good but too unfair

great flash game