Reviews for "Alien Hominid"

Fuckin great

That is the BEST game I've ever seen. Great work.

oh my god

this is seiroulsy one of the best games i have ever seen in a long long long time. this is just so sweet i am gonna tell people to play this and i don't don't do that very often at all. you should be very happy with this game and fuck whoever doesn't like it.

Damn man...that kicked ass

I completely got my ass kicked but this has to be the best game I've every played on NG...complete awesomeness


I love this game IT ROCKS BEYOND BELIFE!!!! It's hard, but i think this game is the greatest game i've played on Newgrounds. You should make a sequel. The only problem I think is instead of making "s" jump make the up button jump and the game would be alot easier. Other than that I love the game.


This game looks awsome, but its hard as hell