Reviews for "Alien Hominid"

freaking awesome

This is one of the greatest games on newgrounds i had a blast playing this game. The enviorments were great but you couldve made it a bit easier just in the beging..=) a definite play and 2 thumbs up in my book

great game

Hmm, many people say its too hard. Maybe for a while, but soon you get the hang of it. I think the game is very detailed. I enjoyed the backgrounds and just the random buildings that you pass. And the killing of course.

Awsome!! I Love this game.

This game is great. I've beaten it many times, but it takes awhile. Its a cool game and its fun and its neat to watch him eating skulls and the bosses are cool and overall I give you a 10=A+

really great game!

I Love this game. It great playing, fighting, and cartoony,
It's one of my favorite online games next to the trapped games
I Love them both! there so great! and they should make a trapped 6

-there so good! i love them both so! XD

its da best!!!

it da best game newgrounds hes ever had!!!!