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Reviews for "Micro Thief"

I really quite liked this game, and i think the screen restrictions makes this even more unique. I like the thin rooms and the memory challenge that goes with trying to remember where to jump and how the paths connect. Everything together makes this a very well built game, even if the "theme" is somewhat meh. Nobody can say no to coin collection games right?

casinojack responds:

Glad you liked it. Theme was definitely lowest on my list of priorities, probably because story is by far my weak point. If you've got any ideas for a fitting theme, please let me know!

You malcontents need to shut up. He says it himself, he made the game in two hours. Considering the incredibly short time span, it is a brilliant little game. Very fun and I love the campiness of the graphics blown up to this size. I hope you did well in your competition.

casinojack responds:

Cheers mate! You've got to have a bit of a thick skin to make and share games, so I'm fine with the odd negative comment (can't please everyone!), but honestly it's comments like yours that make the effort worthwhile. Sent you an internet high five, but I'm with a crap ISP so you may not receive it until tomorrow.

Awesome game for the time limit. Very addicting. Great job!

This game I honestly, a very great one and it was worth the 315 seconds for me to beat it. And considering how you made it in only a few hours, phenomenal! The whole idea of the thin screen really caught on after a while and the transitions between areas felt a lot more interesting than a typical game's would. I can't imagine what you'd be able to produce in a few DAYS worth of time :P

Hope to see more from you.

865 Sec -.-