Reviews for "Relive Your Life"

Fantastic game. For those who have issue with smashing the x button, don't smash it to fast because it seem like you are holding it so going with a medium-fast speed will be perfect. Look at the animation how fast it move it will indicate you if you smash too fast or to slow

Great and amusing game! With all the different results, this is a great way to pass time!

Very entertaining. Seems like a flawless victory to me!
Also, I got the Chuck Norris ending on the 2nd try. Good luck, or is it...a sign?
That aside, nice job. Be proud of this.

i relived my life several times and now i have more lives than mario

To find all the endings I drew up a map. Some were real awesome, some were real crap. I've finished the game, took me a while that's true. Gave it a five star rating and a rhyming review.

FrozenFire responds:

Yay rhymes!