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Reviews for "Relive Your Life"

Done and done spent i don't know how long on the voodoo doll thinking there would be a third outcome o well. hope to see another one maybe about time like you start as a caveman and you choose the course of history would be kinda cool.

Great fun. Got stuck with Hellfire and FYI endings, but my gods were the options and outcomes great. Now for the critique. I felt that there was too few of the girl options.... That's it actually!

I just played one life ending, and I am hooked, this game is awesome!

It is a great artistic piece with a good story and seamless minigames. I enjoyed all the meme inclusions such as Forever Alone and I'm firing my Lasers. I do think a majority of the outcomes were dark but that's life.
Also I played on chrome with no issues.

Oh my god. I am The doctor. fklhfsdk'laf