Reviews for "Relive Your Life"

Nice, a bit repetitive but at least you can skip most of the scene, though not all of it to get right to the task, which would be ideal. Other than that it's an original little game and a very enjoyable way to pass time!

I absolutely love this game.

It manages to put a new twist on choose-your-own adventure games, and it was simply fun to play all of the different ways that things go. I kept playing for the medals and the hilarity of it all. I really wish there were more fun filled games like this out there, and I sincerely hope that your sequel will be just as entertaining, if not more. Props to you!

I've loved this game since it came out! I cab't find the god high five end though.

Many lives, many lives,
Why is this so?
Is it a Hinduist jive?
It it simply "rocking the boat"?

I'll stop with the questions,
Get on with the review.
This is merely a section,
Of a flash game review.

The art is nice,
The concept great.
It is very much the ice in your drink
In the summer of '68.

The story is fine,
Although very absurd.
To reenact such a storyline
would be like resurrecting a dodo bird.

For this amusement,
I give you 5 out of 5.
It is like the cool water like peppermint,
At the end of a dive.