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Reviews for "Alex Chiu RPG"

Wow what a stupid website

The website in itself was funny, it was just soooo stupid it was funny. And the movie was good, i liked the sounds and stuff. The graphics were ok, but i think they were kinda funny in their crappiness.


So this flick was pretty fun and entertaining not sure who this guy is or was but guess he's being made fun of this was still good entertainment I do think some smoother graphics and some added details in the background could make this even better but overall I found this a good flick and I enjoyed it but now this review comes to an end and hope you make more soon

Some art and graphics details would be nice


cool but lacked panash

it was interesting but not cool how each guy died after 1 hit but sorta good none the less

What the hell???

what is this rubbish? you could at least try with the animation! this truly does make poop look good!


dude, you TOTALLY ripped off "insert_name_here" with the alex chiu stuff, you are an unoriginal freak, i hope this gets blammed

Dwedit responds:

God the irony is thick...