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Reviews for "Alex Chiu RPG"


Great style in the RPG Quest, make more...make more stupider!

I hate Alex Chiu thats why Im givin this 10

I mean, he is fuckin stupid! Immortality rings my ass! I also hate that affliate of his on the NG BBS who always posts the link so that he gets money for it!


Was that Mario's body?

Dwedit responds:

No, it was Hello Kitty's body.


This is one of the funniest movies I've seen on NG.


I can't believe I just came across this today by accident. That was hilarious, I love the quotes too. I tried that ring thing some almost 10 years ago, never recieved it, AC is one of the internet's finest con men. And he pops up everywhere too! I remember seeing him so often at various forums and other strange places. Anyway, great job, I laughed the whole way through!