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Reviews for "Alex Chiu RPG"


That was really good, with Chiu denouncing conventional science and all for his own invention, and in a fun RPG quest format too!


Great style in the RPG Quest, make more...make more stupider!

Wow what a stupid website

The website in itself was funny, it was just soooo stupid it was funny. And the movie was good, i liked the sounds and stuff. The graphics were ok, but i think they were kinda funny in their crappiness.


dude, you TOTALLY ripped off "insert_name_here" with the alex chiu stuff, you are an unoriginal freak, i hope this gets blammed

Dwedit responds:

God the irony is thick...

Pretty funny, but only if you know Alex Chiu...

Couple suggestions:
1) Not everyone knows who Alex Chiu is...you should put a link to his site in your movie somewhere, or a "Who's Alex Chiu" info button. Not a hard thing to add, plus the payoff will be huge.
2) I know you reused the graphics from his site, which is why some of them looked kinda crummy, but some of them you should've done a little better, like the little Alex Chiu character - you should've cut the head off and remade an entire walking sprite rather than having half-legs, half cropped photo of Chiu; it would just look better. Same applies to the UFO. The immortality rings part came out PERFECT for this very reason.
3) You should tell Alex about the movie you made. He has been known to have not-so-bad reactions to such things, and might even get a kick out of it. Just let him know it's a parody beforehand.
4) Don't make this a playable game in the future. There's no point, and it's funny just the way it is. "You found A.Ginseng!" was terrific, and the comedic timing is perfect as it stands.

Pretty good movie, and an excellent parody of Alex Chiu. Keep up the good work.

-Ramon http://razor.ramon.com

Dwedit responds:

1) The Who's Alex Chiu link has now been added to the preloader.
2) If I cut the white space out of the UFO, the words would be missing. Also, the Alex Chiu sprite itself is actually done in the style of the Monica Lewinski sprite from Suzukisan, complete with Hello Kitty's body. (yes, it's Hello Kitty's feet!)