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Reviews for "Alex Chiu RPG"


So this flick was pretty fun and entertaining not sure who this guy is or was but guess he's being made fun of this was still good entertainment I do think some smoother graphics and some added details in the background could make this even better but overall I found this a good flick and I enjoyed it but now this review comes to an end and hope you make more soon

Some art and graphics details would be nice


Seeing as how it has the word "RPG" in it, I thought it would be a game. Well, I don't like RPGs that much anyways. It was fairly good. It was interesting to see an RPG played out. What's happened to Alex Chiu nowadays? Well, I assume he's still alive thanks to his rings of immortality.

I guess you could call him an Internet celebrity. Hard to believe his website's still on. I liked the "Hello Kitty" body. That franchise has produced more revenue than "Star Wars". Seriously, look it up!

This is even more pathetic then the alex chiu in mario world game! Seriously, the final boss died in 1 hit? Dumb,in my opinion.

just epic

anybody else wants a ring? :D


good job on making fun of this douchebag i mean who the hell does he think he is trying to fool ppl like that....i mean thats SO OBVIOUS! hmpf...immortality rings my ass....