Reviews for "Monsters' Den Chronicles"

It was fun.. the music was irritating. Same song every battle.. graphics were basic. Loved the concept. Roguesqe but clickier. I HATED the fact that you have to pay to get all the content. So basically this game is an advert for the real thing.

Again, this is NOT the full game. Only a demo.

I don't like that unless it's clearly stated up front.

Great game, but sadly didn't save my progress or characters, which is rather annoying for a game you're unlikely to complete in a single sitting. No idea what the issue is, upped the memory on flash etc but just doesn't save anything.

I used to play this a year or two ago and I loved. I still do, but now I'm encountering the same bug as Athira with the stairs not working.

garin-dan responds:

Are you still running into this issue?

the game is pretty garbage...starting from the enemies able to resurrect their fallen without a cooldown from turn to turn so if they die they can instantly bring them back each time since their regen on magic is absurd, spawning familiars in spots where their fallen have been yet you cant when you try..the 4-5 star ratings people are giving is most likely little kids playing on easy so from someone playing hardcore mode the game is kind of bunk, only good for wasting time at work

Kinda boring and fun at the same time :/ mostly boring cuase how you travel And fight.