Reviews for "Monsters' Den Chronicles"

Reminds me a lot of diablo 1.
solid game, but sometimes there are just so many items on screen it gets confusing... even if you sort it. maybe cut down? or have different pages for pots, gear, scrolls, etc.?

Great. Just great.

I've really liked this series; it's always been a fairly solid RPG, with good loot and simple combat. And now, this newest instalment adds a few new things. And do I like them? Definitely.

The full character avatar is a really cool addition; I didn't know that I wanted it, but now I can't imagine it not being there. Characters look cool, as a result combat actually feels a bit more 'weighty'.
I guess the next step for this would be to actually have the characters move, attack and use their special abilities, but I think this would run the fast paced nature of combat.
I love the new art style too, it just has this charm about it. It's not the best thing I have ever seen, but I think it's perfect for a flash game: it looks nice, while still maintain my fps at a steady rate.

So, with all of these things, what's not to like about this game? Only one thing, and it really suprised me...you can't pick female characters! I mean, this blew my mind, as subtle as it is. I don't understand why you took gender out. I really wanted to make this awesome diverse party of crazy looking people, and ironically I feel the game lacks options to customise characters, even though you added so much more.

Final thoughts: A solid RPG, good combat, excellent characters; disappointed that all the characters were male, and I'm looking forward to the next instalment.

you lose 1 star cause there are no female characters booooo on a rpg with no females

i do love this game and i was playing it for the longest of times but i come back and i had been even save syncing with the armor games thing i knew i had my temp files cleared but i figured the sync would reload my game but it hasnt i guess, it makes me sad because i really dont want to have to replay 2 chapters :[ sadness..