Reviews for "Monsters' Den Chronicles"


garin-dan responds:

Is this morse code?

I really enjoyed this game. I played the other monster chronicles previously and enjoyed those too. I would have given you 5 stars but the stage 5 boss wasn't quite up to what i expected. Unless you plan to put more content into this, i expected that the last boss would be a huge monster that took up all six of the monster positions, like a hydra for example from like the previous chronicle would have been amazing in my opinion, unless i missed it in these 5 campaigns somewhere. Which reminds me that i didn't find this challenging like the previous ones that had those elite or legendary monsters, unless i missed those too because of only beating this in standard mode or cause i skipped a few group of monsters along the way due to slight repetitiveness. What happened to the gorgon, hydra and stuff? They added a decent amount of spice to the normal mode where a player could test themselves in the dungeon by going the extra leg and fighting a monster considered (veteran) or (Extreme) in a standard mode, but is completely optional. Then again i do realize that creating a game must be extremely difficult and therefore had to have some things cut out for the better graphics and game play. So 4.5 stars.

My group consisted of a single tank in front who took little to no damage with the cleric and his awesome aura in the middle back. with ranger and conjurer, the conjurer summoning two war golems. Then used anoint by cleric on ranger who has the hawk thing turned on and then use hail rain. main use of the conjurer was for his mana drain and war golems. Went quite well.

No offense to Shea below me but that group set up sounds terrible to me with little flexibility. First off, it doesnt sound like you have any sort of main tank soaking up damage. Second you have one healer with no one to back up the healing in case healer isnt fast enough. Your group sounds like its meant to be a quick full offensive group and nothing else. A group like the ascendents who are meant to cover all basis until they run out of mana is most likely going to outlast a full offensive group.
Now some people say that any group should be able to beat every level of the game, that's true to an extent. That is only if you pick members that can cover for each others' weaknesses. A group containing members with the same weaknesses may breeze through most of the levels, but there's going to be points like here where the game exploits that weakness, while as in stage two boss your group mostly likely destroyed it with ease as it was your strong point. You bought the best gear but did you buy the right equipment and picked the right group?

Great. Just great.

I've really liked this series; it's always been a fairly solid RPG, with good loot and simple combat. And now, this newest instalment adds a few new things. And do I like them? Definitely.

The full character avatar is a really cool addition; I didn't know that I wanted it, but now I can't imagine it not being there. Characters look cool, as a result combat actually feels a bit more 'weighty'.
I guess the next step for this would be to actually have the characters move, attack and use their special abilities, but I think this would run the fast paced nature of combat.
I love the new art style too, it just has this charm about it. It's not the best thing I have ever seen, but I think it's perfect for a flash game: it looks nice, while still maintain my fps at a steady rate.

So, with all of these things, what's not to like about this game? Only one thing, and it really suprised me...you can't pick female characters! I mean, this blew my mind, as subtle as it is. I don't understand why you took gender out. I really wanted to make this awesome diverse party of crazy looking people, and ironically I feel the game lacks options to customise characters, even though you added so much more.

Final thoughts: A solid RPG, good combat, excellent characters; disappointed that all the characters were male, and I'm looking forward to the next instalment.

Great game, I still enjoy it even after playing for a little over a year. The graphics and art are very smooth, the music is well-picked, and the overall game play is very enjoyable. One thing that did irk me slightly was the lack of an option to create female team members.

4.5/5 Great game.

garin-dan responds:

You can switch characters to female. Click the 'gear' icon under the character sprite, in the inventory or character screen.