Reviews for "Monsters' Den Chronicles"

this game is really nice but you could add a town or something like that and a female character (i'm a pure boy not a girl) so girls can also enjoy the game... medals don't work

Love the combat, variety of characters, spells, and just about everything else. Your team did an excellent job capturing the "spirit" of dungeon crawling and I hope to see more. The only issue that I have is the lack of variety when it comes to the music, but that's a small nit-pick :P

Brilliant Rpg game 4.5/5
more skills/levels for characters would have got it 5/5

Well, it's obviously a well-made game, with improved graphics and style, but there are a few things that bug me. First, it's really, really hard getting used to the new style. We're used to the battle style in the first and second games, so I'm a little thrown off by the sudden change. Secondly, I miss being able to customize the characters. I know it seems silly, but I really wanted to continue the adventure with the characters I made in the first game. So once again, while this is definitely an excellently made game, it's not quite the same...

garin-dan responds:

You can still customize the characters. Click the 'gear' icon under the character sprite, in the inventory or character screen.

Awesome game reminded me of the original pc Baldur's Gate games. Would love another one of these games, always fun to play!