Reviews for "Monsters' Den Chronicles"

I thought this was a really cool RPG. I guess I'm really starting to get used to these games more. The first one I played that I really liked was the "Epic Battle Fantasy" series. Everything is done pretty well in this. You might have worked with more character design, because some of the effects seemed a tad choppy. At least the sound effects and everything else are nicely done.

I like how you get a lot of time to plan your next time. It seems like there are a lot of colorful characters here. It even has a fairly good title, even if it's not that original. It was annoying how the enemies kept healing. I'm going to have to study this game more to understand that.

Why cant I stop playing? Skills are sik for all classes, massive replay value, battle systems awesome... IDK but great game.

Aaah I can't say how much I played this game, it's amazing!
More like it pls :s

game is good but if someone maked game you was controling an intire army in onebattle a skrimish and campaing or qucik battle it SHUD be nice :)but this was great game!!

Fantastic game, you have to find a way to make this a MMO.