Reviews for "Monsters' Den Chronicles"

muy bueno el juego esta una masa !!

Nice turn based dungeon crawler, nice graphics, nice layout.
The only thing that bothered me was the skills, some of them are nice to good, others just seem misplaced. I would like to see more skills to choose from, to be able to specialize my characters.
Now i have a cleric that is not that good at fighting, bu he cant really heal that well also, a few more powerful healing spells (or spells that can be leveled) and a powerful turn undead spell would make him more badass.
Same goes for the mages, fighters and archers, when you first get a skill you end up using it alot because it kills things rather quickly, but when you get a few levels further, it does not make that great a difference if you use your standard attack, or the mana heavy ones

Dope Shit Man Ive Played The Other 2 To The Max But This Ones A Lil Tuff, Beat Act 1 No Problem But It Gets Crazyer...Good Stuff Yall

though the game may be kinda unique it lacks something which makes it a little dragging. I guess its just to repetitive, but good job anyways

Aaah I can't say how much I played this game, it's amazing!
More like it pls :s