Reviews for "Monsters' Den Chronicles"

I love this game. BTW dude below me, sell items by dragging items from your inventory to the top of the screen, where it says, "Sell Items." It only pops up when you start dragging the item.

love it, kept me interested, id play more if i didnt have to leave to go do something today, only thing i have an issue with at this exact moment in time is.....selling items......HOW lol, casue they have a gold value so obviously u must be able to exchange them somewhere. im going to look through some of ur other work and wait for more to come

Can't change difficulty but great game though

Absolutely amazing, top notch work.

game is good but if someone maked game you was controling an intire army in onebattle a skrimish and campaing or qucik battle it SHUD be nice :)but this was great game!!