Reviews for "Monsters' Den Chronicles"

Just come back to this after a long time and it's still my favorite game on newgrounds.
really hoping for a followup.

I want to like this game. I really like the character customization, and from what I've been able to play, leveling up and advancing is quite satisfying.

However, I keep running into a bug that makes it impossible to keep playing. The stairs don't work. After a couple floors, when I try to go down, it just brings me back to the level I'm currently on. If I try to go up, it takes me to a level called [missing] where the enemies are level 0. Going back down from there brings me back to the first level of the dungeon. Trying to go back down gives me the same glitch as before where I get teleported back to the beginning of the level I'm on, and going up just exits the dungeon. This has happened to me both times I've tried to play, and continues to happen after loading.

nice game!!!

I've been a huge fan of the Monster's Den series, and this just killed it. The artwork was amazing, the gameplay was addicting, and the scenarios were actually very interesting. Unlike the previous Monster's Dens, however, this requires a little bit more strategy and thinking, and that made me enjoy the game even more.
Not going to lie, this is one of the best games I've ever played. If another series is coming out, I'm waiting with bated breath for it.

This Game is Just as fun as the last Monsters Den.. And for people people saying the game is slow well I have a crap laptop and runs fine on mine saves perfectly runs smoothly and yes it's a 2005 dell laptop lol. and Pirate9899 to suggest to make the game smaller is the most Unreasonable and stupid suggestion I have heard the game is fun because it's so vast and if you don't like playing it on your Dinosaur 1999 mac than I suggest you buy a new comp.