Reviews for "Monsters' Den Chronicles"

Awesome game reminded me of the original pc Baldur's Gate games. Would love another one of these games, always fun to play!

I absolutely love this game. I have been looking for something like an infinity dungeon, with infinite levels and almost infinite loot. This game is the best so far, and ceases to disappoint. I applaud thee, good sir.

Been playing these games for years and just keep coming back for more. Massive replay value, near infinite customization, and tactical not-quite-turn-based gameplay. Still my favorite series on this site. Five stars for sure.

This game is amazing, from the artwork to the game-play and high level of customization this submission has it all! It always pleases me when I see a console-quality flash game. From the MASSIVE inventory system to the incredibly enjoyable endless mode this game entertains for months and even years on end. The only things that needs improving is that there are not as many abilities per character as I would like, and that it is hard to grind up all of the characters in the game, you usually just pick four at the start and never look back. I am more than looking forward to the release of Godfall (the next game in the series) and hope for many more hours of enjoyment from that game as well.

This game is a serious contender for best flash game I have ever played. An equipment system as complex as Diablo, 8 different characters to build to your heart's content, a vast array of enemies to battle, a HUGE amount of little things that just make gameplay easier, yet more fulfilling by removing some tedium (setting the character's fighting styles, items that let you rebuild your characters, easy equipped item comparison, the list goes on and on.) I don't have any faults to point out, the only thing I could wish for was more of a "skill tree" design for the character's skills but that's just me wanting more delicious content lol.