Reviews for "Monsters' Den Chronicles"

Great Game Nuff said.

on a Side note where is the button to sell all of the stuff in the bag i cant seem to find it.

great game loved the deteil and the the slit differ betwin same class so you can take them in diffrant ways only thing that relly bothered me (not that much is the fact that the enemy level is allways as your highest level charecter wich discurege you from trying difftant combinations of charecters

Exelent game! Its like diablo dungeon. Dont like chapter 4 ;)


If you are a bad player you can set the enemy to lvl 1.... i was lvl 35 till i saw i could :P

I used to play this a year or two ago and I loved. I still do, but now I'm encountering the same bug as Athira with the stairs not working.

garin-dan responds:

Are you still running into this issue?

love it exept one thing, to many potions