Reviews for "Monsters' Den Chronicles"


The story line was amazing. I bet you could make a great book. The game is amazing too. I would love to see more of this.

Here I was, thinking Monster's Den couldn't get any better. I was proven wrong... This game is amazing! Addition of quests, secrets and a storyline, as well as better graphics made this game even more amazing than the previous!
5 stars and well worth them!

Fantastic game, waste days and days playing it!

Few things are not working correct;
the images on the left side, which show you who is next, don't change order correct after using stun or slowdown-spells.
Also the healthbar often shows the wrong calculation for healthstealing, also it freezes sometimes.
Few medals don't work: "Advisor", "Victor" and "Spendthrift". (Havent got all medals by now)

All in all very good game, with a lot of entertainment.

Ps: could speed up a little from time to time

why are some of the awards broken?
or is it just mine?